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We are a small five acre homestead, located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, nestled between the rain forest and the sea. It is here we create beautiful products made slowly by hand, products you can feel good about purchasing and welcoming into your own home.

Why we created Wild in the Woods. 

After moving to our property, we started looking at the products we use everyday, in the same way we were looking at the food we ate.  We started questioning what was really important to us, and in that discussion things like small scale, local, sustainable and natural were at the top of our list.

Our Seafolk naturally dyed yarn.

Our Seafolk naturally dyed yarn.

Creating this life style then became so much more than a hobby to us, It became about choice, and understanding where the products we were using came from. It became about connecting to ancestors through handcraft, and supporting local and small scale farmers. Knowing that the products we were using had a story we could tell from the very beginning (Where the sheep live, who the farmer is, where plants where grown or harvested.) These things became instantly important to us, and we knew we wanted the things we made by hand and the products we offered in our shop to have synergy, to be greater then the sum of its parts. To hold in our hands a finished product that started with local, sustainable and natural first, was the ultimate fulfillment. To hold in our hands something created by community.

This shop was created as a space to offer unique and one of a kind products made slowly by hand. We hope you enjoy them!