Natural Wool Wash - Cedar wood + Lavender - 16oz

Natural Wool Wash - Cedar wood + Lavender - 16oz


Our all natural wool wash is as gentle on the environment as it is your knitwear!

Each bottle contains a unique blend of lanolin and essential oils to help clean and protect your knits.

Not only is it biodegradable, it contains no dyes or artificial fragrances and it’s also phosphate and sulphate free.

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How to use:

- Shake Well

- Pour your desired amount of wool wash into a basin and add water.

- Soak your garments for 30mins ( no need to rinse)

- lightly squeeze out any excess water making sure to support the weight of the entire garment.

- If desired roll garment in town and press to remove any extra water.

- Lay flat to dry or block.

I hope you enjoy this all natural way to care for your knits and the environment!!