100% Canadian wool -Fingering weight - 1 ply - 400 yards - 100g

Dyed only in small batches using a Greener acid dye. - Not only are these low-impact dyes non-hazardous, non-chrome as well as heavy metal-free but they are also wash fast. Additionally, these greener dyes follow the standard set forth by the Organic Trade Association's standard for organic fibre processing. These dyes are a environmentally friendly alternative to regular acid dyes.

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About the wool-

This wool is a bled of different breeds that contain (but are not limited to) Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Arcott and Corriedale from sheep that are raised on Canadian farms.
The yarn is then processed in a family operated mill, and delivered to our shop here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Once it arrives, it is then either left completely natural or dyed naturally using salt water from the Pacific Ocean and locally harvested plants, extracts or other raw materials.
Any dyes that can not be sourced locally are only purchased from suppliers who produce ethical, sustainable and fair trade products.

There is very little processing involved, so the yarn retains its rustic beauty.