How we became Wild in the Woods

Here on the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island we are surrounded by the rain forest and the sea.
There is certainly no lack of inspiration in this amazing place we are fortunate enough to call our home.

Living in the Great White North, knit wear and wool is an essential part of being Canadian.

I began Knitting when my daughter was born, and not long after started searching for more natural alternatives when it came to yarn and fibre. Being surrounded by so much abundance I decided to create what I could not find.

My all natural hand dyed yarn and toques became popular with friends and family. Each one of them wanting to participate in a more meaningful way of creating a wardrobe, and a chance to wear a piece of our beautiful West Coast.

I hope when knitting or wearing your piece of this Island you feel the beauty and love that has gone into each stitch or skein of yarn, and it inspires you to get outdoors and get Wild in the Woods.

As always friends,
Stay Excellent!

Sirena. xo

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